Since times unknown, the universe has been one. Life on our planet was peaceful, food was abundant, and there was much to explore and learn. Our race discovered wonders beyond belief, surprising us all from time to time.

Knowledge was documented, passed along, and maintained by the council of elders. Each discipline had its Father, a position of great responsibility among the elders, for the 8 Fathers were tasked with mastering every concept, application, and fact of a discipline.

One day, however, our scientists discovered that our sun was soon to perish, and it was only a matter of time before our world was consumed by radiation and heat. Fuelled by desperation, a lone genius developed a technology capable of storing one's spirit, memories, and consciousness in the form of a crystal. The council of elders that advised our race decided to encapsulate everyone's life in crystal, in hopes that maybe someday our civilization could be restored.

An enormous vault was constructed to protect these sleeping souls. One by one, our entire population was transformed to crystal, until only I remained as the lone overseer. Having completed my task, I sought to join my people. But, as it happens, the universe had other plans. A huge solar flare let loose a fierce burst of radioactive power, interrupting the process and leaving my mind scattered across existence. I am... everywhere, I am nowhere... yet... I am.

As my mind expanded, I became aware of cries of horror and fear emanating from the crystals in waves of pulsing energy! For all our forethought, the vault failed to protect the crystals within from the radiation, they were collapsing and melding into each other as if competing for the same point in space until... they were no more. They had formed one monstrous conglomerate, only to wink out of existence.


Not simply the absence of light, almost like a conscious being made of light consuming blackness, there's nothing...

Where am I ? When am I? Do I even AM at all? I can think, I have knowledge, so I must be, somehow, somewhat. I find myself floating aimlessly, there's no up nor down, no right nor wrong...How long has it been? Hours? Days? Years? I now see a light, I say "see" but I am not sure anymore, I don't feel anything, I certainly don't have a body and no eyes to see with.

Moving towards the light, I realize that it's a sphere of light, energy radiating from its core, small and bright somehow drawing me nearer and nearer. The sphere seems to be orbiting... a planet, it's... it cannot be... Kryanshaar, a shadow of its former self, empty and desolate. The once beautiful and lively cities now lay in ruins, after what seems like millennia of abandonment.

Somehow the implosion must have created enough energy to create this... universe? If so, what is that ball of energy, a makeshift sun? How did it come to be? Where does so much light come from?

Then I "hear" them, countless voices, whispering and yelling at once, quiet yet loud, it comes from the "sun", It's core is a giant crystal sphere, the souls of my kin, circling what they once called home, which appears to be the only thing in this desolate infinite darkness.

( To Be Continued )


The game revolves around the conflict for domination of Kryanshaar, there are three main factions struggling for domination, they are:


The Eanfaar (Nature's Will) were founded by the Eanseir (Nature Folk), with balance and purity in mind, the Eanfaar despise machinery and industrialization, and endorse virtues such as patience and humility. Soon after the collapse, the Eanseir communed with this new world, learned of it's habits, it's fauna and flora, and made it their new home.

They fight to maintain Kryanshaar just as it would be had people not arrived there.


The Taemor Collective is a faction built out of fear and necessity, it's represented by a multitude of races and cultures. After the collapse many people wondered, lost, questioning everything.

The need to survive, led them to align themselves under the Taemor banner, at times under coercion, at times free willingly. The Taemor Collective aims to dominate all of Kryanshaar, for self preservation and power.


The Dokhtir are bound by progress, as an ancient order that operated in the background back before the collapse, in Kryanshaar they saw that they could apply their ideals into shaping this world. Using the Kryan Shards to power their industry, they quickly rose from a small coven of scientists, to a sprawling force to be reckoned.

Their goal is to attain knowledge at all costs, disregarding everything else. What they lack in empathy they make up for in diligence.



The Eanseir are beings of nature, they are creatures that have developed the ability to fully commune with nature and are attuned to it. Being highly empathic they share the bliss and sorrow of everything that surrounds them.

They live what other races mistakenly call short lives, using a body for roughly 15 years before choosing to reincarnate and be reborn, Eanseir don't keep track of their age and would find no meaning in doing so.

Peaceful in nature they can also embody the nature's wrath, often choosing to be reborn just to start over with war on their minds, in dire times.


Rontar used to be a widespread species and one of the few species to exist across several different planes, they are highly adaptive but also greedy and selfish, they have prospered and fallen countless times through the ages.

Rontar societies come in kinds of shapes, ranging from tight scrutiny over every individual, and what would be considered by many as total anarchy. Wild and unpredictable, yet resourceful and organized in times of need, the Rontar leave their mark wherever they thread.


A race somehow similar to the Rontar and Eanseir except for their ingenuity and extreme intelligence. Holan society is pure meritocracy, where one's achievements can boast an individual high up in the ranks.

Their home planet lies far from it's sun, colder and darker than most life sustaining planets, their bodies have adapted to the harsh environment, but evolution is known for its slow and steady pace, something more had to be done, so the holan have perfected themselves via implants to keep them warmer, to let them see better in the dark, and several small aditions to improve their lives.

A once enfeebled race now stands proud, aiming for perfection, which might just be around the corner.


Drakshin Game Developer

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joaorp Game Designer and Modeller

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Pedromdrp Game Developer

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StephanosRex Voice Actor

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Kroth Modeller

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John Chia Concept Artist

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João Cabrita Designer and Concept Artist

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Nuno CristóvãoMusician

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Valdemar FaustinoMusician

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Jo-Ann PereiraVoice Actor

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